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Foreword / History / Current Status

Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology is a technological university that integrates three major characteristics, namely ' Industry Collaboration,' 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship,' and 'Marine Technology,' as its development focus. The university has further deepened its original features and leveraged the synergistic effects of resource integration and complementary functions.In August 1990, the Department of Commerce was temporarily established under the directive of the Ministry of Education, taking over the five-year Business Management program after the suspension of the former International Business Junior College. Due to the rapid development of Taiwan's industry and the urgent demand for management talents, the university was approved by the Ministry of Education in July 1995 to establish a two-year Business Management program, enrolling vocational students. The program offered a two-year (daytime) or three-year (evening and continuing education) professional curriculum, aiming to cultivate mid-level management personnel with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in business management.Subsequently, in response to the overall development needs of the country's society and in line with the school's upgrade to a technical college, the department was transformed into the Department of Business Administration in 1998.In 2000, our university was restructured into a University of Science and Technology. In the same year, our department (or graduate institute) established a second-year technology in-service class at the Extension Education College. In 2000, the evening division began to admit second-year students, and in 2001, the day division began to admit fourth-year students. In August 2008, the day division added a master's program, and the Extension Education College added another second-year class. In August 2009, the Extension and Promotion Department added a master's in-service class. In August 2010, following the school's instructions, the Advanced Management Institute (EMBA) was established to conform to the Ministry of Education's policy of merging departments and institutes into one, and was renamed as the Advanced Management Master's in-service program in the Department of Business Administration.In 2008, in accordance with the university's merger, it was renamed as the Department of Business Administration's Executive Master of Business Administration program (EMBA), which was placed under the College of Management.After the merger of three schools in February 2018, the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology has become the largest technological university in the Taiwan. Currently, the department offers a four-year undergraduate program and a master's program in the daytime, a four-year undergraduate program and an executive master's program in the continuing education division, as well as an EMBA program and a two-year program in the extension school.

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