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Features / work priorities

Department Features

1. We have teachers who  specialize in marketing, production, finance, human resources, information, and other areas, with a passion for teaching and years of practical experience.

2. We emphasize the integration of theory and practice, offering entrepreneurial courses where students can gain practical training through business internships.

3. We value the academic research atmosphere among teachers, organizing academic seminars and encouraging research.

4. We prioritize off-campus teaching activities and the introduction of industry professionals for collaborative teaching, enhancing students' understanding of the actual conditions of business operations.

5. We value and cultivate students' teamwork spirit and professional ethics, equipping them with good interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities so that they can become highly valued middle and senior management talents in the business world.

Educational goals

The goal of this department is to cultivate business management talents with expertise in management, professional ethics, and international perspectives. It strengthens students' knowledge of various management disciplines and their independent judgment and decision-making skills. In line with the development of the national economy and the business service industry, it teaches the theory and practice of business marketing, finance, production, information, and human resources management. It emphasizes the cultivation of professional talents with planning, organizing, leadership, and control abilities, as well as the development of professional ethics and teamwork spirit. Taking into account the changes in the overall social environment, technology, and humanities, the following cultivation goals for the Business Management Department are established:

(1) Teaching the necessary professional knowledge for business management.

(2) Training the ability to think diversely and communicate to solve problems.

(3) Cultivating teamwork spirit and professional ethics.

(4) Developing distinctive courses that combine with trends.

(5) Emphasizing practical exercises in business management.

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